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Postforum was started in 1996 and was, for a time, the biggest independent forum for Mac-based video professionals. Sadly, that time has passed, and I no longer have time to maintain this site, which is continually overrun by spammers. As such, all forums are in Moderation mode, and will no longer be moderated. Whatever you post is going into a black hole. I'm leaving the site up for posterity, and will prune spam as i can. It was fun while it lasted! -perry

Announcing Postforum Pro!

$25/1 year

In order to sign up for Postforum Pro, you need to have a free account on the site. You must login or create a new account before upgrading!

It's been nearly Ten years since I started, and it's come a long way in that time. In 1996, this site consisted of 4 or 5 message boards and was free of advertising - which is what I had originally wanted it to be. Within less than a year Postforum approached 30 forums. Along with new boards and increased popularity, disk space and bandwidth charges went up. In 1997, I began running advertisements on postforum to defray the added cost. That worked well for several years, more or less breaking even each year.

However, due to the continued increases in hosting costs, the move to a faster, more flexible database-backed server and the months-long decline in the banner ad market, Postforum has barely been able to break even over the past year. In fact, it has been operating at a significant loss for the past six months. As of January, 2002, postforum uses nearly 1GB of bandwidth per day and serves pages to about 30,000 different users per month. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to maintain the site without doing something to pay the ever-increasing bills.

The trend in advertising right now is to make ads more obnoxious and harder to avoid. I don't want postforum to have to barrage you with huge, intrusive ads and I don't want to compensate for the lack of those ads by making it look like all the other video and animation sites, with 5 or 6 flashing ads per page. So, you now have the option of paying a small annual subscription fee for Postforum Pro.

Why, you might ask, should I fork over hard-earned cash to use something that's already free? Good question. Here's a list of the features that Postforum Pro subscribers will receive:

  • 100% Ad Free viewing of, resulting in faster page loads for many

  • The ability to edit your messages after you've posted them

  • The ability to subscribe to each message board in both Digest and individual message form

  • A streamlined user interface allowing more screen space for messages and message lists

  • A choice of simple visual themes

  • An expanded search page that allows you to search all currently active forums at once

  • A live list of who's online [and the ability to keep yourself off that list]

  • Automatic entry into Contests - only Pro users are eligible to win

  • Postforum Pro users may enjoy god-like status.*

So, what's it going to cost? At the risk of sounding like Sally Struthers on a tear-jerker charity commercial - less than a cup of coffee each Month. At the low rate of $25/year, we're talking about just under $.07 a day.

All you need to sign up is an existing postforum account [free], and a credit card. Postforum is using Paypal to handle registration - you'll be taken off of postforum's site to, and when you've completed the registration process, you'll return to postforum. That's It!

If you've got questions about Pro, check out the FAQ below, or post your question in the Postforum Pro message board!

FAQs About Postforum Pro

  • Q: What are you taking away from non-paying users?
  • A: Nothing. It's still free to sign up for a postforum account, which will allow you access to all of the current features. As a piad subscriber, you will receive additional benefits, but if you want to keep using postforum for free, that's up to you.
  • Q: Are you threatening to bombard us with obnoxious ads if we don't pay?
  • A: No. Postforum's advertisements will likely continue to be low-paying banners, text links, and occasionally small box ads like the current 'Amazon Recommends' links. I have no plans to add pop-ups, interstitials or skyscrapers to the site. I do reserve the right to try to make you feel guilty for not subscribing, though.
  • Q: You're just being greedy
  • A: That's not a question. But in response, no i'm not. The site is paid for out of my pocket, and more often than not it's running at a loss, or barely at breakeven on good months. So, hosting costs are almost covered, but barely. Hopefully the subscription program will provide a financial cushion for the site and prevent me from being put in the awkward position of deciding whether to pay my hosting or mortgage bill...
  • Q: I paid, but I'm not getting the Pro features.
  • A: Please contact me directly and i'll help you straighten it out. I'll try not to give you a hard time about failing to write down your information.
  • Q: I need a receipt, where can I get it?
  • A: Please be sure to print out the confirmation email you receive from Paypal. This is your receipt! I cannot generate receipts for you, as Paypal handles billing, not me.
  • Q: Will you automatically recharge my card at the end of the year?
  • A: No.

* (God-like status not guaranteed.)