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Postforum was started in 1996 and was, for a time, the biggest independent forum for Mac-based video professionals. Sadly, that time has passed, and I no longer have time to maintain this site, which is continually overrun by spammers. As such, all forums are in Moderation mode, and will no longer be moderated. Whatever you post is going into a black hole. I'm leaving the site up for posterity, and will prune spam as i can. It was fun while it lasted! -perry

  How to play PPT Presentations on  
rileysarah123 05-10-17 08:13
  Transfer Panasonic AJ-PX5000 P2  
rileysarah123 01-25-17 07:55
  Transfer Panasonic AJ-PX5000 P2  
rileysarah123 01-25-17 07:54
  Recover lost photos, videos  
rileysarah123 12-08-16 08:22
  Basic Hotspots / Display Graphic  
KeithSims 04-17-06 17:24
  audio in LSP 4.5  
obrien 07-05-05 13:34
  Hotspot starting a movie track  
nportela 01-28-05 07:38
  Timeline Playthrough  
amberwest 12-07-04 11:03
  Live Stage pro 4.5  
Anonymous 07-15-04 11:26
• Audio Commentary/Fullscreen?  
Anonymous 05-28-04 00:13
   Re: Audio Commentary/Fullscreen?  
Anonymous 05-28-04 00:13
  flash loops in QT  
Anonymous 05-07-04 22:47
  xml feeding into a QT clip  
Anonymous 03-03-04 13:19
Anonymous 09-16-02 16:55
  Does any one know where i can fi  
Anonymous 08-21-02 14:03
  Can you create an image viewer?  
MatthewR 08-12-02 09:32
  Bakhter CG Portal  
Anonymous 08-01-02 16:44
• yikes-i don't know what that was  
Anonymous 12-07-01 03:32
   Re: yikes-i don't know what that  
jmckenzie 01-01-02 22:44
  flash miam  
space commander 09-20-01 20:19
• Do I need LSP if I have...  
Dave K 06-18-01 07:23
   Re: Do I need LSP if I have...  
JeT 06-28-01 21:04
Perry 06-05-01 16:51