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Postforum was started in 1996 and was, for a time, the biggest independent forum for Mac-based video professionals. Sadly, that time has passed, and I no longer have time to maintain this site, which is continually overrun by spammers. As such, all forums are in Moderation mode, and will no longer be moderated. Whatever you post is going into a black hole. I'm leaving the site up for posterity, and will prune spam as i can. It was fun while it lasted! -perry

Postforum was designed by, and is maintained by Perry Paolantonio. I worked for Media 100 [Data Translation, back then] for a while, after going to school at the Massachusetts College of Art. Postforum started as a side project, and to some degree it still is - but it has grown well beyond anything i could have expected, and now takes up much more of my time.
So, what it this place, you might ask. Well, it's really very simple. Postforum [POST-Production FORUM] is a place to exchange ideas, get help, and learn from others in the world of digital post production. The emphasis is on Editing, Animation, Compositing, and Multimedia Production [including DVD Authoring]. Postforum consists primarily of message boards -- You post questions, people answer. The site is used by a wide variey of folks, some of whom have been answering questions and using the boards since 1996, and still enthusiastically help out newcomers. For the most part, i prefer to keep the message boards macintosh based, since any real editor or animator should know better than to use Windows. But if there's a product on Windows that's really worth it, i'll add a message board.
Why? Good question. In 1996, there was one viable Media 100 Message board, and that was on AOL [yuck]. There were allegations of corrupt forum moderators, who were indiscriminately deleting messages by people they didn't like. I was personally pretty sick of it, so i created the "Media 100 Worldwide Discussion Forum," a web-based bulletin board. The name may have been a mouthful, but it got pretty popular, pretty fast. Before i knew it, the site had grown to 5 message boards, then 10, then 30. As of today [January, 2001], the site has 75 message boards, and will continue to expand as new hardware and software is released.

Who Pays for it?
That's a complicated question that's had many answers over the years. For the most part, the site is advertiser-supported. Since the bottom has fallen out of the web advertising market, ads account for just barely enough to pay the monthly hosting costs. Postforum more or less breaks even every month, as it has from the beginning. You can do your part to help by visiting the advertisers on the site and buying their products and services. If you buy things from Amazon, consider clicking on one of the many Amazon links throughout the site [or here], as i'll get a commission on anything that you buy after clicking on a link from here. If you're the type of person who feeds the animals at zoos, keep in mind that I will also accept donations. you'll be contributing to the well being of the site and its owner ;-)

Yep, Postforum has won a few awards. you can check them out on the Awards Page.

If you're interested in running an advertisement on the site, please contact me through my user profile. There are a variety of advertising options, from banner ads to email sponsorship, all at very competetive rates.

Moderation Policy
Since the beginning, it has been the policy of postforum not to moderate message boards. This means a couple of things:
  • Take responsibility for your actions. think carefully before you post, and don't say things that are going to totally offend someone else. It's not only poor form, you'll probably wind up regretting it eventually. Remember that your host [IP or machine name] is partially visible in all posts you make, anonymous or otherwise. people can trace the message back to the controlling domain, at least.
  • Postforum does not remove messages except in the most extreme circumstances. That is, messages stay on the site unless a judge or a cop tells me to remove them. again, think before you write, because once it's up, it's up for good. I'm sorry, but i can't make exceptions to this.

Privacy Policy
Postforum's privacy policy is very simple: I'm not going to sell your email address or any other personal information to anyone, ever. Email digests are opt-in, and you may unsubscribe from them at any time. The email address in your profile is never shown to anyone other than the site administrators, and any messages sent to you must be sent through the site. While this won't eliminate SPAM, it will cut down on the junk mail you might receive because email harvesters can no longer use the site to gather addresses.

From time to time, you may be sent an administrative email from postforum. While this is kept to a minimum, it may occasionally be necessary to contact all users simultaneously. Since many users subscribe to digests only, the best way to reach everyone is via email. Rest assured that your email address is not being sold or shared with anyone outside of

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ's]
The FAQ file is pretty big, so i've moved it to another page. Check it out here.