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 Subject: Music Composer Available
 Author:  johns444 ( )
 Date:    08-29-09 01:17
My name is John Secolo, I'm a 24 year old Audio Producer from Li NY. I've been scoring and producing music for Major Record Labels/Film and Video Games in my studio in Long island for about 5 years now.
I have the resources to record all real instruments as well as Digital Orchestration like in most films, Male/Female vocals. I've been working with Pro Tools and Nuendo the industry standard in audio production for 10 years.
I am really passionate about film, also looking to develope relationships for future projects! Hope to speak to you soon. You can check out some of my work here


I also play guitar for the Interscope Records band The Pretty Reckless fronted by Taylor Momsen -

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  Music Composer Available  
johns444 08-29-09 01:17